The Eternal Light

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The Eternal Light

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- This piece was originally inspired by Freya's Brísingamen (gleaming torc) necklace. We have translated this to have the crystals represent a light within the seer that never goes dim.

- Necklace cast from twigs (measures 5'' at widest point across and 4 1/2'' in depth)

- Setting contains several sizes of raw quartz crystal points

- Due to the inconsistency of raw quartz, every necklace varies in crystal arrangement/quantity

- Chain measures 5 1/2'' on each side

-Sterling silver version sits on an antiqued sterling silver chain

-White bronze version sits on an antiqued brass curb chain

* Please keep in mind: these photographs are of a piece cast in sterling silver. If you choose to have yours created in white bronze, the necklace will show a variety of pale golds, dark bronze and black (with the possibility of a few rusted tones mixed throughout).

*NOTE: All of our products are made to order. Pieces may vary slightly in size and appearance. Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping. See our policy for more information.

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