Burial Ground is the collective vision of long-time best friends Jamie Mooers and Bill Crisafi. The pair met in 2004 while working part time at a coffee shop near their hometown of Newburyport, Massachusetts. They forged a lasting friendship over their mutual fascinations with occultism, magic, spirituality and a deep nostalgia for old New England.  Bill and Jamie have lived and worked together over the past three years, drawing inspiration from nature and the remaining echoes of the Victorian era that haunt the landscape of the region.

Much of the material used in Burial Ground’s jewelry finds its origin in Bill and Jamie’s trips into the wooded New England wilderness.  They strive to ensure that every single piece evokes the gifts of the Earth that both find so captivating and inspiring. Burial Ground’s original products are hand sculpted, conjuring up a tangible sense of hand-craftsmanship while still maintaining the highest possible quality. Each customer is invited to share in the emotions that Bill and Jamie channel into their work, from the final product down to the very packaging.